If U Keep Silent, U’ll Just be Suppressed

” Speak up ur mind. That’s why Allah   endue us a mouth and voice.. ”

She has a bone to pick. Looks so sad and down, with a -seems- quiet hard thought. But at the end, she chooses to keep silent and defenceless, like usual. I’m sure there are a lot of regret stuck in her mind, she has just let another arbitrary occured, let herself -once again- as a victim.

Trapped at a thought of  ” I know that Allah has a better path for me, I just have to be patient with all of this temptation “. Hufffttthhhhh.. It’s thorn and naive.. How could I help u, if u did’nt do anything to help urself ? How could Allah help u, if u’ve never done any effort, the real action? I’m out of the circumstance, but u are the main player. At the end, u’ll only be suppressed. Again, and again..


One thought on “If U Keep Silent, U’ll Just be Suppressed

  1. Be careful in defining “temptation”, young lady. It could be the situation you’ve screwed up by your own self. Not a temptation from HIM. Beyond that all, I prefer call that situation as a challenge. Let’s welcome all surprises enthusiasm! Be motivated!

    After-all, nice blog theme. Like it!

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