Recently, I Speak to My Own Self Frequently

Psychosis symptom, stressful, an alternative illness therapy or just a new trend of this era? Perhaps. But according to the experts, the habit of talking to your own self or self-talk has been known since we learned to speak, and become one method of children learning process. Self-talk not merely in the form of dialogue through voice, but every thought that occurred in our brain is categorized as the way of self-talk.

According to psychologist -Aprilianto Toge- some usage of self-talk are :

  1. Express emotions
  2. Decision aids
  3. Know and accept yourself
  4. Interacting with another people
  5. Affect others in a good way
  6. Self development

Beside that expert theory, I have my own opinion base on my experience. As the consequence of the complexity of life, there must be a lot of things to think about. Those come out as questions that need to figured out.

So, why that we don’t share it to others than do self-talk? There are some possibilities of that.

  1. First, there is no one to talk with.
  2. Second, there are somebody to talk with, but they don’t understand about your problem or it’s not comfort to talk with them.
  3. Third, you need to give suggestion to yourself in the way to convince yourself about the best solution to take.
  4. Fourth, you are the kind of independent and confident person with a high expectation with your self opinion. In that condition, you will think that no one has the right and better solution than yours.
  5. Fifth, you are an introvert that would rather keep your own problem than share it to others.
  6. Sixth, it’s not easy for you to trust another. It will be risky if you share your problem, more over if that is a top privacy matter.

After all, whatever the reason is, as a human with a problem solver ability and amazing brain capacity, people will always try to find the best way to answer the questions in their minds. The tendency will lead them to choose the most comfort one, simple but effective.

So, am I crazy? ^^


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