Whole-hearted, laugh, bully, get mad, narcissistic, joke, having fun, vent, memorizing.. All in one stage..

Everyday is surprising. Each classes that I taught have their own unique character. I met this BS 1 term recently, but it seems like I’ve already involved in their life since a long long time a go..

Left to Right : Riswan – Hery – Gafar – Ratih – Me – Ayu – Jo – Desy

Several days ago, I gave them a final task to write about the experience that they felt during taking course in BRITON at BS 1 level. I think it isn’t fair if I didn’t share my opinion too while I were teaching them. Here is my side.. ^^

  • Mr. Riswan – It seems that he is a strong willed person and spiritful in learning. He speaks rarely, but once he shout, it must be witty.. πŸ™‚
  • Mr. Hery – He always calls me aunty.. *OMG, am I that old? Sighhhh.. I’m just 8 years older than him.. Excuse me Mam, did you say only? hehehe..* He is a funny boy [naughty, precisely.. :p], always makes the class cheerful by his statement. At the first time I met him, I thought that he is a stubborn teenager, but since I introduced the term of “girly”, he changed 360 degrees become extremely outstanding. Apparently, he is a joker.. Hehehehh..
  • Mr. Gafar – The coldest one [Not cool yahh, :p]. Hearing his voice is a rare event, even in speaks Bahasa. Introvert and shy, but dreams to become a policeman someday. Wawww, quiet contrast yah..Β  Hmmm, I’m still wondering how do you practice your English, Sir.. #_$
  • Ms. Ratih – Miss talkative and hyperactive, but sometimes moody. Heheheh.. With a loud voice, always argue with Mr. Jo. The future lawyer [Aminnnn..] who is still taking her college in UNHALU Law Faculty, 3rd semester. Very busy with her myriad activities, makes her little bit difficult to manage her time. That’s why, I award her the most come late student.. :p
  • Ms. Ayu – Ehem, ehem.. Smart and diligent student. Spiritful to improve her English. She’s a cute girl, the one who always get flatters from my nephew.. :p
  • Mr. Jo – Mr. Rapper, very expert in rapping.Β  He calls himself Respector, the fanatic fans of Bondan Prakoso. He is a racer too. Even in Ramadhan, still concern in doing road race. No wonder, comes from metropolitan city [Semarang, red] and get trapped in remote area. Heheheh.. He always acting cool [sok cool, I mean.. :p], like to bully his friends and teachers [It’s impolite, Sir], but dependable and solid friend. O yeah, one more. He is a PLAYBOY.. :p
  • Ms. Desy – You know that, her face reminds me to one of my bestfriend : RIZQY ALFIYATI, very similar. Nice girl who has a dream to become a fishery enterpreneur. She has a quality as friend, patient but adventurous. She likes to do some exciting things.
  • Guys, it’s very nice to know you all. Hope someday we can meet again in another occasion. Even you all call me Mom [comes from Mommy], which supposed to be Mam [comes from Madam] but it’s okay. Hahahhhhahhh.. it means I have 7 children there.. :p


    15 thoughts on “We Call It : COMRADERY

    1. ehmmm……..
      Student and teacher are fighting…..okayyyy…
      Sir akbar, i prohibit u comment…just let them solve their problem……wkwkwkw

    2. mem………( call )… who said that I’m not important….. hah….. how come….?
      Woi…… (not u mem) ….. but this 4 some one who make me scared n fall down from motorcycle …… did u realize that…….? n I just want to remind u…. that who is the nice guy that always comment or help u if u chat with him n u did mistake…..? OC…. I keep in my mind ur words that u told me… ” I HATE U”
      that’s ur words…….

      • hohoho,,, ” πŸ™‚
        I Sory sir,,,,
        I Havn’t intention for like that’s,,,,,
        i realy Apologize to You,,,, When we were fall down from my Mtor Cycle,,,
        hehehe,,, πŸ™‚
        N,,,,, About my Word’s “I HATE U” that’s not True,, i just Kidding With You,,,?!!! :p
        sir,,, i Thank’s With you,, coz Your always Help me,,, when i was don’t know / Confused,,,

        sir,,, for me,,,
        Your is The Best Teacher Boy in Briton,,,
        although sometime you were looking STUPID”,,,,,,,,,, :p
        Wkwkwk”,,,,,,,, :p
        “PEACE Sir,,, || ” ckckc,,,,,,

        And About PLAYBOY,,,,
        that’s Wrong….!! coz I kind’s person LOYAL,,,,
        but Dipent.. if women that Good for me,, i want Good too
        and otherwise,,,,// if a Women or my Girl not Loyal or always want win own,,, i want her making become “DEFECT”,,,
        hehehe,,,,, (^^^)

        “You are Sale,,, i’m Buy”,,,,!!!
        wkwkwk,,,,,,,,, :putnam:

    3. Mem UYa emang Kuya,,,,,
      i’m not PLAYBOY mem,,,,, but i’m kind LOYAL Person
      hohoho,,,,,,,,,, :p
      if any Women Love with me,,,, that’s doesn’t Wrong me mem,,,,
      but One of Those,,,,
      N Risk people Cool N handsome that’s like me mem,,,,,
      A lot of Fans
      wkwkwk”,,,,,,,,,,,, πŸ™‚

      so,,,,,,for all Girl’s,,be Careful enter my Trap,,,,,,,,,,//||!!!!!

      N 1 again,,,,:
      for all Gilr’s,,,,,,,;,,,,
      ” I’m Tipe Kind LOYAL,,,, LOVE SOMEONE WITH WAHT IS,,,
      Not Ada Apa’a,,,,,,,,,,?!!!

      wkwkwk,,,,,,,,,,, πŸ™‚

      Greeting from me,,, just for You mem,,,,

      “RESPECT” ||

    4. hehehe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      mem,,, what are me impolite to Teacher mem,,,,,,, 😦
      Hhuft,,,,,,,,// I Sory mem,,, if i was Impolite,,,?
      but i’m keep Cool mem hohoho,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8|
      I Like you call me Respector,, but i Not Agree if Your Say me,,,
      Emang gw Cowo’ ap’an,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      wkwkwk”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :p

      • u r impolite, coz u like to bully ur teacher.. hahahyy..
        but so far, it still affordable..

        playboy.. hahahahhhh… like pretending cool to mesmerized another.
        my question, how many girls have been fallen in ur trap during ur period in KDI sir? what a shame.. xixixi.. :p

        • hohoho,,,,,,, :p

          that’s not Bully mem,,, but Calling with loud,,, ckkck..
          “I’m Sory mom,,,,,, Sometime’s i’m Forget if i call my Teacher in The Building or in The Class,,,

          About Playboy:,,, I’ have say to you mem,,,, i’m Not Playboy,, but all girl fascinated to me,,, ckckck πŸ™‚
          since i’m in Kendari approximately any 5 more mem
          And in Java i Have 3 more Girl’s,in Jakarta only 1
          ckckck”,,,,,,,,, πŸ™‚

          But Day before Yesterday i Said mem,,, cos 1 my girl in Java “Marriage”
          hhiks Hhiks Hhiks,,, 😦
          Whereas i’, Very Love’s Her,,,?? 😦

          Mem,,,,, i don’t know your meaning,, About ” What a Shame”,,,


          • wahahahhhhh… u curhat in my blog sir.. ^^
            but it’s okay.
            everythings gonna be okay [copas from bondan’s lyric].. πŸ™‚

            calling out loud, but u make mr akbar scared and fall down from motorcycle. *maybe he’s in trauma now, hehehehhh..*

            ouw… yeah, yeah… fascinated, huh..
            that’s what we call “kege-eran kale'”.. :p

            what a shame = kasian banget.. ^^

            • hohoho,,,,,,, About mr Akbar,,, is not Important ckcck,,,,,,, πŸ™‚
              to me,,, more important Hoby and Girl’s mem,,,,, heheehe,,,,,, πŸ™‚

              mem,, i don’t That’s we call,,, but the Facto mem he,,, :p

              mem,, if i Sharing with mem uya,,,,
              can’t memmm,,,,,,,,, πŸ˜€
              About Girls
              hohoho,,,,,,,, πŸ™‚

              • wahahahhhhh.. Mr akbar is not important.. xixixiii
                yeah, u only concern with bondan, racing and girls.
                ckckckckkkk, u r the real metropolitan man..

                btw sir, pay attention to ur sentences structure.
                it’s little bit messy, actually.. :p
                but i respect and proud with ur effort to practice it.
                keep it up.. ^^

    5. hehehe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      mem,,, what are me impolite to Teacher mem,,,,,,, 😦
      Hhuft,,,,,,,,// I Sory mem,,, if i was Impolite,,,?
      but i’m keep Cool mem hohoho,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      I Like you call me Pespector,, but i Not Agree if Your Say me,,,
      Emang gw Cowo’ ap’an,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      wkwkwk”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :p

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