You can snap at me, mocking me, shout to me angrily or point your middle finger at my face. It doesn’t matter.. It’s better, much better than apathy..

Act autistic, become a trend recently, huh? Somehow, I get trapped in this cycle’s impact a couple days ago. Sometimes make me curios, but mostly annoying. Or maybe that’s the main aim. Drive me like a puppet, that has been played by the puppet master. But actually, it’s irritating. Hate to know that something is beyond your expectation, out of your control, out of your prediction. Hate to know that you can’t do anything to anticipate the next pattern. Make us like a foolish, just wait and wait or just do a gambling, maybe. Hate to be resignedly and let time answer all the matters, interprets the condition. Gee… the harder your brain works, the messier situation that you can conclude.

Do they think that is it fun to be a looser or force another to be like that ??? Congratulation then, coz it’s just played over my reach successfully. I can’t afford another apathetic attitude. You can get through the game, please. But sorry, I don’t want to get involved anymore. That’s enough, let me continue my life, my ordinary life. I don’t want to waste my time and energy anymore. Coz after all, I can see clearly that these all are NOTHING..


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