Why do I like these Sony Ericsson ?

Some people are addicted to Iphone, some of them are dying for Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, LG or Motorola. But for me, I‘ve fallen in love to Sony Ericsson, since the first sight.. :). Let me introduced you to my cell, My Aino and My Naite.

My coolest white –AINO U10i-, looks fabulous and elegant. I bought it a year ago, from my business trip allowance.. *jiahhhhh* and I become the first who used it in my residence town… *hehehehhh :)* . 8.1 MP camera, adapt the cybershoot technology from SONY, could accommodate my photography intention. GPS feature assist me in most of my trip, assure me avoiding of lost direction. HSDPA network, dependable for streaming and world wide connection, high quality speaker is a cool feature for my musical inhabitant. Various feature for connection, Bluetooth and wi-fi, for easier access. Oh yeah, it’s a semi-touchscreen, special for multimedia access. For gamer, you can use it to control your PSP. Cool, isn’t it?

My beautiful ginger red –NAITE J105i-, by supporting issue of global warming, Sony Ericsson introduced their environmentally-friendly edition : Green Heart. It’s made of recycled housing, low end but decent in facility. Light weight, HSDPA access very useful for mobile internet, video call and radio FM are some of its features. Ecomate and Greencalculation are the application to remind the user about healthy life. 2.0 MP camera is enough I guess, beside you can upload the result directly to the web.The social networking application like FB and Twitter is included, beside youtube.

Overall, I think this brand is a perfect match for my taste. They always release the unique one, and it’s not an over common product. *Basically, I don’t like to use product that everybody use it too coz it’s become too market, hehehhh*. Solid and strong physically,  with a valuable cash-back, off course. *Fyi, I’ve dropped My Aino in the airstrip last year, it’s darted off more than twice, but there’s  nothing impact that it takes. My Aino is still fine till this second :)..* For the high musicality, they serve us better that other. For the high intensity to snap the moments, their camera is a nice feature with a satisfied quality. And more over in network access and the goods lifetime itself. In my opinion, they deserve to get my two thumbs up.. ^^


3 thoughts on “Why do I like these Sony Ericsson ?

  1. sangat menyukai komentar dari @click2irma. hehehehhh..
    nda tau itu, mukaku yg kamasemase atw tokenya yg terlalu baek.. 🙂

    aihhh, K’nuni telah menghiananti soner.. wkwkwkkk
    banyak seri barunya skrg soner kak. cek meq di web nya.
    *berapa na bayarka’ ini di’, bateku promosi.. 🙂

  2. Cocok jadi iklan ini, dibayar berapa ma SonEr yach? 😀
    Nway, I was a SonEr maniac too. I think we have all we need for the price we’ve paid (usually the price is lower than other phone with the same or even have lower spec). The last soner I have was the walkman series pioneer W800i (one of the coolest phone at that time :)), until I carelessly lost it and had to bought no**a for a change…
    And i don’t know why I choosed no**a again to upgrade my phone, i think ‘coz i don’t have update info on Soner latest released, like that aino you have..nice one..

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