Study Abroad : It isn’t Just a Dream

” Even the world knows that I want to hold the ground there, someday..”  [Uyach`, 2010]

Start from a small chat, then inspired by a book, motivated by mentor, make a wish with my best friends, supported by my course-mate, promises with my -called- sister, impacted by my job, self actualization, strong willingness in traveling, and finally shaping my dreams become a target that I want to realize. Yeah, it was my dream and it is my target..

I’ve thought that it was impossible. But since the day that I found a lot of real case, learn from another success stories and I could motivate my self,  I met a new way in forming my point of view. Everything’s possible in this era, as long as we have willingness, do efforts and The Almighty Lord support it.. The wide opportunity spreads in our face with infinite times and spaces, language boundless and country border-less, because knowledge is a universal case.

But in a fact, study abroad is not as easy as turning your palms. There are a lot of constraints that we have to face, one of those is money.. *This is the world of capitalism, everything needs money. Gee…* To study in another country, we need a quite much budget. But don’t be upset easily if you can’t afford it. There is a solution for that problem that we call : SCHOLARSHIP.

Generally, each country or university has various scholarship programs that is offered to the candidates around the world. Lets say Monbukagakusho from Japan. Beside that, there are a lot of international foundation which is  serving the budget to study in the native country of that foundation. Some of examples are StuNed from Netherlands or Friedrich Naumann Stiftung in Germany.

Next question is : How to get a scholarship? In her book “Kuliah Gratis Di Luar Negeri”, the author – Reny Y. – share some strategy to handle this.

First, what should we prepare. Study abroad, means standardized proficiency in foreign language. We can prepare it by taking course or being active in a community to improve this skill. Beside that, we have to prepare a good Curriculum Vitae, because this CV represent our self to the donors.  Good essay and motivation letter are another important determinants. That’s why we supposed to make the real and trustful one, but still concern in showing the strength of personality. Then, how to convince them to award us that scholarship? We need self confidence, of course. If you are not believe in your own self, how could another believe in you?

Next, scholarship requirements. Generally, only for them who have GPA range from 2,5 – 4,0 that could register in that opportunity. But there are some exceptions that don’t required standard of GPA, such as in musical or sport programs. Being active in organization or social / community activities are value added for the candidate. Beside that, standardized and certificated foreign language skill is a must. Most of scholarship programs required the satisfied recommendation letter, and it is forbidden to get more than one funding from different scholarship at the same time.

Afterward, how to apply to the program? Find information accurately as possible as you can through book, internet or directly to the legation in our country. Next, prepare the application optimally. Pay attention to all of the requirements. Because this is the international program, so we have to prepare all of document in English or the native language. The translation must be from the sworn translator that is approved by the scholarship donor. The last and necessary, submit your application before the deadline. Choosing the trusted and on time shipment service will support your efforts.


3 thoughts on “Study Abroad : It isn’t Just a Dream

  1. hehehe…… that’s my dream also mem, I want study there,before I read it I think that it’s impossible coz I thought that study abroad only for the person who have much money, n I realize that I was wrong. I didn’t think that we can study abroad with “scholarship”. N now I wish that my dream comes true ……. amiiiiiinnnnn There are many ways to make our parents proud to us n one of them is “study abroad” .

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