BS1 Project

Dear fellows,

Here is the page that I provide to you all to submit your writing task. Just commented in this topic and share your writing result there. For further evaluation, I’ll be glad to give some comments or correction in your writing as our learning point to keep up our English skill.

First task

For information, your writing topic is about your course experience in BRITON during this Basic Speaking 1 Level. You can explain everything you want, about the lesson, the method, the teachers and staffs, your classmates, your English ability, etc. Practicing the lesson that you’ve already got during this 1 month course will be better. Last, don’t forget the deadline. The due date is on Thursday – September 2nd, 2010 at 4 PM.

So, keep spirit and do your best.. ^^


Second Task

This is a group task. As my instruction yesterday, you have to discuss with your group first, then submit your result in this page. The topic is “Going Shopping”. If you have IDR 10.000.000,- , how do you spent that money. Your decision must encourage needs of all group members. These points will lead you to make your summary :

  1. What will you buy?
  2. Where will you buy it?
  3. When will you buy it?
  4. Why do you buy it?
  5. For whom will you buy it?
  6. What will you do with them after you buy it?

Don’t forget the due date is on Friday, September 3rd at 4.30 PM. Ok guys, have a nice discussion then.. ^^


25 thoughts on “BS1 Project

  1. If wehave IDR 10.000.000,- , we will spent that money.
    we can :

    1. we will donate cash amounting to 5,000,000, in orphanage, during the fasting month, because we also have to share his fortune, to the orphans.

    2. 20 sheets of uniform costing 2 million, in the DISTRO clothes, after having money of 2,000,000, so that students and staff levels briton a more compact, for staff and students at a particular level of a briton.

    3. We will spend 1 million. Lebaran to buy clothes in the sun, three days before Idul Fitri, in order to have new clothes. we bought for each of the ayu ms, ms ms Desy and Ruth.

    4. Meal together with a large family BRITON 1.98 million (33.000/porsi x 20 people x 3 meals a night) for three consecutive nights, in three places KFC, TEXAS AND Nonya. after breaking fast before Lebaran, for more familiarizing residents BRITON and create an unforgettable experience for us.

    5. After eating, we (family BRITON) take a picture together for 20 000 to make a keepsake. At TIARA photo.

    • If we have IDR 10.000.000,- , we will spent that money for :

      1. Donate 5 millions in orphanage during the fasting month because we have to share HIS fortune also to the orphans.

      2. We will buy 20 pieces of uniform in Distro. The budget is 2 millions. With that uniform, we hope all students and staffs in particular level in Briton is more solid.

      3. We will spend 1 million to buy clothes for Idul Fitri Day in Matahari department store, three days before Idul Fitri, in order to have new clothes. We will buy for each of us : Ayu, Desy and Ratih.

      4. Dining out together with Briton Family, for three nights. The cost will be 1.98 millions (33.000/net x 20 people x 3 serving a night). Three consecutive nights, in three places KFC, TEXAS and Nonya. After break fasting before Idul Fitri Day, for more familiarizing Briton Community and make an unforgettable experience for us.

      5. After dining out, we will take picture together at Toara PHoto Studio. The cost will be 20 thousands.

  2. biji kapas = biasa jhe kayak apa saja\

    biji kopi = biasa jhe ko pelan pii

    biji lemon = biasa jhe jgn ko lebay monyet

    plastik = plan saja cantik

    pe4lampung = pelan saja kampungan

    plasenta = pelan saja setann

    pesona = pelan saja ona

    semoga = selamat mog nah

    biskota = bisanya ko tau

    cashuw nut = cayak sh nda tuw saja

    nantimhe lanjutan nya mom…
    z lupa2 age degh..heheheheehehehehehe…..

  3. Ass…

    Im very happy in the briton schoo..i like my teacher…they are very smart n funNy…thx teacher for eDucatioN your give me… I hope we can meet again later…

    • I’m very happy to study in Briton. I like my teacher, they are very smart and funny. Thank you for all teachers for education that you gave to me. I hope we can meet again later.

      • ehhhh…good progress for sir GAfar….keep studying for ur improvement y sir….u have really nice totors there….ask them to whenever you have problem on English y…..

  4. Huhuhuhuhu…
    SoRry mOm geT hurRy…hehehe…


    mOm…mayBe i want to miSs britoN later…
    Because there i found my second family..i’m very happy…i meet mOm amin…mOm irna..moM iko……n my all friend…they are my new friend..buT i hope they are can become my best friends…

    I’m very happy for meet they are…n i will nOt my exprience with mr.akbar…everyday we always bully together…hehehe

    finish mhe nah moM…

    Uda nuMPuk oRg diWARnet..hehehe…
    MisS you all…

    • Mam, maybe I will miss Briton later. Because I found my second family there. I’m very happy. I meet Mam Uya, Mr Akbar, Mr Yoyon, Mr Arifin, Mr Amin, Mam Irna, Mam Ikho, Mam Melis, Ms Ceche and all my friends. They are my new friends, but I hope they can be my bestfriends.

      I’m very happy to meet them. And I will not forget my experience with Mr Akbar. We always bully each other, everyday.

      I think that’s all, Mam.

  5. assalamu’alaikum!!!
    hi mom…
    hmmm,,,If you ask to me “how is your experience during in briton?” I want to say never forget in my memories…
    I got learn which very usefull for me…
    i met with new friends who have various characteristic… they are Mr. girly (oups sory! I mean Mr.heri), Ms. Ratih, Ms. Desy, Uncle Joe ( Mr. Joe), Mr. Rudin, Mr. Ghafar, and many smart teachers!!
    We learn english, have fun together, breakfasting, and so on…

    I hope with studying in Briton, we will become smart people too in english learning like that all teachers in Briton…And If we have finish from Briton around 6 months again, we are still remember of all !!

    Hmmm…How are your opinion if we make BRIKER FC (Briton Kendari Fans Club)??

    I Think it enough….the important of all, thank you very much of our happines which I got from you all too…
    and the last, I’m sorry if the structure and grammar of my sentences are bad, I will learn it again!!!

    • Hi Mam,
      Hmmm… If you ask to me “How was your experience while studying in Briton?” I will say “Unforgettable..”
      I learnt a lot of things that is very useful for me.
      I met new friends with various characters. They are Mr. girly (oups, sorry! I mean Mr. Heri), Ms. Ratih, Ms. Desy, Uncle Joe (Mr. Joe), Mr. Rudin, Mr. Ghafar, and many smart teachers!!
      We learn english, have fun together, breakfasting, and so on…

      I hope with studying in Briton, we will be fluent in english too, like all teachers in Briton. And If we have finished from Briton around 6 months later, we still remember all of that !!

      Hmmm…How do you think if we make BRIKER FC (Briton Kendari Fans Club) ?

      I think that’s enough. The most important of all, thank you very much for all happiness that I’ve got from you all…

      The last, I’m sorry if my grammar is bad. I will learn again!!!

  6. My Experince in The Briton

    Since I enter in the Briton, i get new Friens, They are Frendly and goo Heart,and i feel Pleasent and Stand for Study in this Briton.
    With Help teacher i can knowing many Vocabulary speak English and i Begin can Speaking English little by little.
    Everyday we always laughter inside room becausethere’s often make joke and outside then we usually Humorist.
    Everyday we Choose Pasword for Meeting The Next.

    • My experience in Briton..

      Since I joined in Briton, I’ve got new friends. They are friendly and kind people. I feel pleasant and bear to study in Briton.
      By teacher’s help, I know a lot of new vocabulary and I start to speak English gradually.
      Everyday we always laugh in and outside the class because some of us always make jokes. They are humorous.
      Everyday we choose some passwords for the next meeting.

  7. Excuse me, Excuse me,,,,,,,,,,
    Someone is Cool want trogth,,,,,,,,

    My experience during 1 mont in The BRITON, maybe Can i say , Very Happy if There’s Love Locations,because i was ever That’s Feel
    But that was Before….??!!!!!!!!
    and don’t Open my Card Mem,,,,,,,,,,

    there are some my Experience in Briton
    When i was Bully Mr Akbar,,
    My Feel Very Happy,because I can make someone Laugh and maybe can making
    Mr Akbar ‘ANGRY’,,,, and
    I doesn’t feel guilty but I feel Proud’
    What again when we were come home from the Musque’
    My Feel Happy,Because mr Akbar feel Scared When he was bum mr Hary’s motor Cycle…
    He’s Realy Scared, we are all Laugh
    But on the Other hand I feel Pity,,
    He’s Say:,,, *The First and The Last*
    Hhuft”………  

    Ok’ mem,,,,,,, maybe Enough about my Experience in The “BRITON”
    And I Apologize if There’s Wrong in my Word or Position in my Sentence’

    Greting 2 Fingers for you…//

    “JoJO “ /
    “siJO” /
    “ Jokan Wibawa Saputra AK”

    • Excuse me… Someone’s cool will come through..

      Maybe I can say that my experience during this last 1 month in Briton is very happy if there is Love in Location there. I’ve felt the same experience before, but it is in the past. Please, don’t open my secret, Mam, *peace..*

      Here is some of my experience there :

      When I bullied Mr Akbar. I felt very happy, because I can make laugh another, even if Mr Akbar was getting angry. I’ve never felt guilty, but I felt proud of that.

      Another experience, when we came back from Mosque. When Mr Akbar was rode by Mr Hery, he felt so scared. We all laughed him. But I felt sorry, because he said : “This will be the first and the last”..
      Okay Mam, I think that’s all. I apologize if there are some incorrect in word usage and the structure of my sentences.

      Two fingers greeting for you..

    • About your question,

      1. How the word order in a sentence is
      Same with Bahasa Indonesia, English word order follow this pattern :
      Subject – Verb – Object (for verbal sentence) and Subject – To be – Object (for nominal sentence)
      In Bahasa Indonesia, we call it SPOK – Subject – Predicate – Object – Keterangan [This is same with the structure of verbal sentence in English]
      If there is the usage of adverb of place and and adverb of time in one sentence, you have to put adverb of place first, then followed by adverb of time.
      For example :
      Saya ingin makan makanan yang lezat di atas kursi sekarang.
      “ I want to eat a delicious food in chair now “ is a correct translation.
      But, don’t get used to translate word by word from Bahasa Indonesia to English, because it’s quite messy. Train yourself to use the English structure naturally first, then try to translate it in Bahasa Indonesia, not in reverse.

      2. The usage of do, doing, and did
      Generally, all of them are a verb with the meaning [melakukan, mengerjakan]. Beside that, Do and Did have a function as auxiliary verb [kata kerja bantu]. The word that we use to complete the verbal sentence. The point is, when do we use that?
      Do – we use it for simple present sentence. Special for activity that we do in present time. But, we only put it in (-) and (?) form, not in (+) sentence. For example :
      I don’t learn in Briton today because it is holiday.
      Do you come to office by motorcycle?

      Doing – this is a general verb. The continuous form of Do. The meaning is [sedang melakukan, sedang mengerjakan]. For example :
      I’m doing my homework now.

      Did – same with Do, but this one special for past usage. Talk about activity that we do in the past time, special for (-) and (?) form. For example :
      Mam Irna didn’t come yesterday, because she was sick.
      Did Mr Yoyon teach you in BS 1 level last month?

      Okay Ms. Desy, I hope you can get the point of my explanation. If you have another question, just feel free to ask me here and let discuss it more.
      So, keep learning. I’m sure that each of us has the same potential to improve our skill. We just need to maximize it.. ^^

  8. HeLLo Mom,, Where are you doing? I hope you read my vent. hehehe

    Mom Uyah is a good teacher from Basic Speaking I in Briton. Mom Ikho, mom irna, mr akbar, mr yoyon, Too… and all teacher. >> I Love Briton<>> asked myself <<<
    about (what,who,where,why,when,how,which)

    Question and answer
    1) what my ideals?
    * my ideals, I want to be happy. like other people happy.
    2) who wants your make happy ?
    * of course, my family, my bestfriend, people who can not afford.
    3) where the place you most want to visit?
    * Japanese eager to see the sakura.
    4) why you learn english ?
    * because English is the language of the world. I can easily understand, if I go abroad or read English.

    Mom,, I have a question.
    1. how to put words in a sentence (if the words consisted of adjectives, adverbs, verbs, noun and time)
    an example. saya ingin makan makanan yang lezat di atas kursi sekarang.
    apa seperti ini "I want to eat delicious food on the chair now" ????
    sangat susah untuk menyusun kata mom,,, bingung.

    2. penggunaan do, doing, and did.???

    sekian dan terima kasih… masih ada cerita panjang,,, mau ka' dikoreksi kalimat yang saya buat. tapi nanti phe lagi…

    answer my question ya,, mom Uya ^_^

    Visit my blog.. new blog (

    • Hello Mam, How are you doing? I hope you read my vent..
      Mam Uya is a good teacher from Basic Speaking I in Briton. Mam Ikho, Mam Irna, Mr Akbar, Mr Yoyon too… and all teachers.. >> I Love Briton<< ^_^
      I do understand, there is no shortcut in learning English. So, I keep my spirit to learn. Help me Mam, please.. ^_^

      First of all, let me introduce myself..
      My full name is Desy Sriwulan, but you can call me Desy (Mr akbar always forget my name, he calls me Wulan. Same with Mr Jo, he always calls me Ratih… OH MY GOD::: Curhat Mode ON). I'm from Kendari. I live at Jl. Anawai No. 48a. I'm 22 years old.

      About Me :
      I want to be a creative person.
      I like to read novel, comic, and popular psychology book. Sometimes I write about my activities in my diary.
      I’m introvert, but I am a good friend, good listener, and sometimes can give you the right solution.
      I love my family, especially my mother.(I love her so much 🙂 )
      When I get into trouble, sometimes I shared it to my friend in the way to find a solution. But of course, God is the best, unparalleled. HE always gave me the best solution. HE can keep my secret, always be the best in my life, my heart and my mind.
      I don't like if someone smokes around me.
      I don’t like when someone is thinking negatively about me.
      And much more.
      🙂 That's a real vent, isn't it? … Hehehe..

      About My Friends :
      Ms. Ratih : _ very active _ sometimes fussy, sometimes hyperactive_ of course she's a best friend. A good listener. She has a willing to learn and I want to follow her spirit.
      Ms. Ayu : she'is 17 years old, five years younger than me. I don’t know her well, but I’m sure that she is a good friend.
      Mr. Jo : He always think dirty, probably due to the long period of stay in this town. Of course I don’t like when he think dirty. But however, he's my friend. __::no more comment.::__
      Mr. Hery : unpredictable. Sometimes could be quiet and cool, but in another time he could act girly, splashy with his own self. Hahaha.. I know the secret about him, (but it's a secret, and I know Mam Uya and all Britoners know about that…. Hahaha.. so why that we still called it secret huh??). I’ve made a promise to him, but if he still acts like that, I doubt if I could keep my promise. T_T. But I know, he'll be my friend forever. (Mr Hery "MEDUPA")
      Mr. Riswan : starts to speak English.
      Mr. Gafar : He is too quiet. I thought that he only act like that inside the class, but yesterday when we visited Matahari, he keeps quiet. Hmm, I don’t mean it negatively, because everyone is different. But just try to little bit open to others.
      ::: remain me about "be yourself". OK.

      Now, about myself

      Question and answer
      1) What is my ideal?
      My ideal, I want to be happy, like other people.
      2) Who do you want to make happy?
      Of course, my family and my best friends, people who need helps.
      3) Where is the place that you want to visit most?
      Japan, I’m eager to see sakura.
      4) Why do you learn English ?
      Because English is the world language. I can understand easily, if I go abroad or read English literature.

  9. it’s nice to learn in briton I found new friends that character, interest, and different jobs, there is a love blossomed in briton l, there is a comedian like his stomach so sick every day in class when constantly laughing, mekipun they always disturb sometimes but no problem I most often late to class campuses bustle of crowded, but I will try to reduce and passwords that I like to forget a word again I know very much vocubulary through the friendly teachers and teaching easier understand, and learn that there has not boring even though every day to see, fun to be able to learn there
    I love briton

    • It’s nice to learn in Briton. I found new friends with various character, interests and activities. There is a love blossomed there. There is a humorous people in our class, made us stomachache because of laugh. Although sometimes I felt bother, but it’s not a problem. I always come late, because I was so busy in my campus. But I’ll try to fix it. Even sometimes I forgot my passwords, but I know a lot of new vocabularies through our friendly teacher which made us easier to understand about the lesson. We were not bored to come every day. It’s fun to be able to learn there.

      I love Briton..

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